Engineers Talk: DXW+ at Technical Academy Esslingen

DXW+ at Technical Academy Esslingen

19th February, Esslingen, Germany. During a three-days course on “Finite Element in Geotechnical Engineering” organized by Technical Academy Esslingen (Technische Akademie Esslingen), DXW+ Product Sales Manager Manuel Aukenthaler took the opportunity to share knowledge on finite element method with participants.

The Esslingen Technical Academy (TAE) offers professional training and education for companies as well as their specialists and executives. With more than 2,000 speakers from the realms of business and science, TAE organizes about 1,000 events per year.

This geotechnical engineering course focuses on an introduction to the application of finite element method (FEM) for the analysis of deformation and stability problems. The course deals with topics such as:  the hardening-soil-small model, the calculation of undrained soil behavior, and the possibilities of numerical stability verification, flow problems.

Participants of this course are geotechnical engineers that want to solve practical engineering problems using the finite element method. As a result, PLAXIS, the leading geotechnical FEM software, generated a high degree of interest among engineers. Our PLAXIS veteran Manuel was pleased to share knowledge with other engineers on both “Finite Element Analysis” and PLAXIS software during discussions. 

“It is fantastic to see so many geotechnical engineers attending this course, learning on geotechnical FEA and willing to put the skills learned into practice. We at DXW+ are proud to be able to contribute to and support all these engineering professionals by providing the right software and the appropriate training opportunities” said Manuel.

Engineers are lifelong learners. For them, it is critical to commit to continuous development and stay up-to-date to the industry trend. Keeping that in mind, DXW+ aspires to help engineers excel at their jobs and stay relevant in the market by offering expertise as well as a flexible subscription model.


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